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For prototype and small-volume manufacture for sheet metal parts and resin parts, we can provide integrated production from mold design and production, parts production, and welding assembly.

Business Inquiry
Hearing, Making the best proposal ( For Delivery requirement, For the cost requirement etc. )
Designing Mold ( ZAS & FC )
Construction method study・CAE analysis, SE(Simultaneous Engineering)
Making Tools
Making tools rapidly (Casting, Machining, Tryout press, All in house) Tools for both sheet metal part & Plastic part
Press molding・Laser processing
Large Hydraulic press, Large Mechanical Press, Bending Press Three dimensional Laser and Fiber Laser machine
Hemming Robot, Welding Robot, Making the Assembly JIG Other equipment: JIG for Assembling the Body-shell
Parts Inspection (Measuring equipment)
CMM, MetraScan-3D, Handy Scan-3D, Inspection reporting