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Scopes of Service and Order ReceivedScopes of Service and Order Received Factory / EquipmentFactory / Equipment

Scopes of Service and
Order Received

Order ReceivedOrder Received
  1. Aluminum Sheet Metal Parts: Design, development, production and parts completion of mold for parts production including heat treatment of special process.
    (Surface treatment and coating are handled by our partner companies)
  2. Machining with laser processing machine or AWJ using our own designed and produced jigs, and partly cold forming.
  3. Various machining
Working ContentsWorking Contents


Router machining, Triaxial machining (both-sided sheet metal machining, taper machining),
5-axis machining (frame, honeycomb, bear strap),
AWJ machining, Laser machining (Nadcap certified)


Fluid cell press (Quintus), Bending roller,
Hydraulic press, Brake press, Mechanical press, Hand processing

③Heat treatment (Nadcap certified) and Subsequent strain removal work

Solution treatment(2024-T42、6061-T42、7075-T42),
Artificial aging treatment(2024-T62、6013-T6、6061-T62、7075-T62、7075-T73),
Strain removal (craft former, stretching roller, etc.)


Inspection of various parts, Metal test/metallurgy test, 3D measurement

⑤Kit Center

Inventory control, Kit delivery